Zinc alloy die castings custom die casting surface treatment introduction

There are many kinds of surface treatments for zinc die-casting die castings. We often carry out electroplating, fuel injection, and powder coating. These surface treatments are based on the use of parts to select the appropriate surface treatment. What are the characteristic

s of these surfaces?

Electroplating can improve the appearance, density and corrosion resistance of zinc alloy die-cast products. The most common plating methods are nickel, tin, copper, silver and gold.


Liquid spray paint can be used for decoration, protection and marking. The paint can also hide part of the surface defects of the zinc alloy die-casting parts, making the surface of the product more t

extured.Powder coating can form a protective film for zinc alloy die-casting parts, making the surface of the casting smoother, more beautiful and more textured. And improve corrosion resistance.


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