Zinc alloy die casting factory equipment plant layout Industrial connector housing

The layout of zinc alloy die casting factory mainly refers to the overall arrangement of basic sections Industrial connector housing, auxiliary sections, production and service departments, facilities, equipment, warehouses and passages in the space and plane.
1. In the plane layout, smooth and compact materials (charge, liquid metal, casting and casting system, etc.) should be taken into account to avoid back and forth transportation.
2. The workshop area should be fully utilized and the maintenance, assembly and dis assembly, maintenance and storage of die-casting machines should also be taken into account.

3. The production work department (die-casting, melting) should be arranged in a place with good lighting and ventilation
4. The location of the office to ensure a convenient access to the staff, and a good working environment, the living room should avoid through the workshop to the living room.
Enchuang Technology believes that a good company needs well-prepared workshop layout, which can save investment, facilitate operation and maintenance, and make equipment arrangement simple, compact, neat and beautiful.


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